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Saint Cyril and Methodius

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Thessalonica for Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003

Thessalonica for Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 is a macro package, it is written in MS Office built-in macro language (VBA). Thessalonica is compatible with all MS Word versions beginning from Word 97 (there is a special version for Word 7.0, which is no longer supported), but there are several options available only in Word 2000 or XP/2003.

Keyboard Manager

Thessalonica's keyboard manager is based on the internal possibility of Microsoft Word to associate any symbol of a specific font with a user-defined key or two-key combination. So you can use so-called dead keys to type diacritics. To define your parameters for Thessalonica keyboards, call the Thessalonica Customize Keyboards dialog:

Thessalonica's keyboard customization utility

Thessalonica allows to define up to 4 keyboards, each of those may be assotiated with a specific input method (layout). There are also several additional options:

Universal Converter

Thessalonica's Universal Converter allows you to convert texts from old 8-bit character sets to Unicode and vice versa.

Thessalonica's Universal Converter

For all convertions special encoding description files are used. The Thessalonica distribution includes such a files for popular WinGreek and WinLanguage Polytonic Greek encodings. You can write your own encoding description files to make the converter fit your special needs.

Both for 8-bit text and Unicode text you can specify several formatting attributes, namely font family, weight, shape, point size and language. Depending from the conversion type you have set Thessalonica will search for occurences of text with one set of formatting attributes and apply another set to text which is already converted.

Unlike most other conversion utilities, Thessalonica may correcly handle text fragments formatted with "symbolic" fonts (i. e. those having the MS Symbol encoding).


Thessalonica for MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003 is distributed under the conditions of the General Public License (see help files for additional information).